Buying a Refrigerator


You might need a new refrigerator during a DIY kitchen remodel. This could be because the old refrigerator doesn’t work or because it won’t match with the new style of the kitchen remodel.

You can save a lot of money on a refrigerator if you buy one used at a garage sale. If you buy one new, you should do some research first as a new refrigerator can cost a lot of money.


You first should measure the space you want to put the new refrigerator. You need to know the height, the width and the depth of the space and you should account for the ventilation and plumbing behind the refrigerator too.

Also be aware of opening the door. You do not want the refrigerator door to bash and bang into countertops or tables when you open it.

You do not want to buy a brand new refrigerator only to discover it won’t fit in the space it needs to.


How much room do you need inside of your refrigerator? This will depend on how many people live in your home. If you live with children, you will need to buy a refrigerator with a lot of capacity able to store food for three or four or more people. If you live alone or are married without children, you won’t need to buy as large of a refrigerator.


There are four common constructions and freezer styles for refrigerators. You can purchase a top-mount freezer with the freezer on the top, a bottom-mount with the freezer on the bottom, a side-by-side with the freezer on the side or French door with the freezer on the bottom too. This is a preference based on your height or how you would prefer to use the refrigerator.


You can save money on your energy bill if you purchase a smaller refrigerator or a refrigerator without as many functions and features. There are also energy-efficient models of refrigerators. A side-by-side refrigerator will also use more energy than other models.


The final piece is what the refrigerator looks like. You can purchase a refrigerator that is white or black or a refrigerator that is stainless steel. The most popular type of refrigerator in 2017 is a stainless steel refrigerator because it is very modern. Another modern choice of refrigerator is one with see-through doors.

You can see there are several factors to consider when it is time for buying a refrigerator. Watch the video below from Kenmore for even more information on new refrigerators:

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