Buy Home Items at Garage Sales

garage sale

You can save a lot of money on home remodels and home repairs if you are willing to buy used items and materials. A great place to purchase used items for your home is at local garage sales in your neighborhood. If you buy home items at garage sales you will save several hundreds of dollars during a home remodel.


#1. Used Appliances

You can purchase a used refrigerator or dishwasher at a garage sale for extremely cheap. The previous owners have no need for the old appliance anymore and it is likely taking up a lot of space somewhere in their home or garage. Plug in the appliance before you purchase it to ensure it work. If it does, you can save a few hundreds of dollars right away.

#2. Used Tools

Tools are expensive. Every home repair project requires several different tools to complete and you don’t want to have to buy one or two new tools every trip to the hardware store along with the other materials and supplies needed for the project. A good tool will last several years and in some cases a lifetime so if the tools for sale at the garage sale appear to be in good condition you should purchase them and add them to your tool bag.

#3. Used Lawn Equipment

You can often buy a used lawnmower or weed trimmer at a garage sale and save anywhere from $50-200 or more dollars. If the equipment is gas-powered, be sure to run the motor for a minute or two to ensure it starts and runs OK and if the equipment is electrical, plug it in and ensure it turns on. If the equipment is in good condition you could save a few hundred dollars.

#4. Used Furniture

You might not want to decorate your living room with used furniture and you shouldn’t buy a used mattress, but you can purchase a used couch or recliner for a basement or a room you do not use often and save anywhere from $100-400 or more. We recommend buying used bed frames whenever possible as there is no difference between a used or old bed frame if the structure is in good shape.

#5. Used Art

Framed art is very expensive. The sellers at the garage sale are probably just tired of the art and want a new look for their home. That doesn’t mean the art won’t look wonderful in your home. A nice piece of framed artwork can cost $250 or more and you can often purchase a used piece of artwork at a garage sale for $25 or less.

You can see from the list above that if you visit enough garage sales and are thrifty you can save a few hundred dollars during a home remodel or home repair project and even more over many years. Any way to save money on your home is a good idea so you have more available for unexpected costs and repairs in the future.

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