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Repair Carpet Water Damage

Extreme weather has been no stranger to in 2017 and the storms only continue to get worse near southern areas in the country. Inclement weather can do major damage to a home and if water enters the home it can do major damage to flooring, especially carpet. In our previous post we explored some ways […]

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Ways to Prevent Water Damage

You never want water damage to occur in your home. Exposure to too much water can cause serious damage to a home’s foundation as well as flooring and walls. You can protect your home from water damage with a few easy repairs and upgrades and save yourself from a water damage emergency in the future. […]

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Buying a Refrigerator

You might need a new refrigerator during a DIY kitchen remodel. This could be because the old refrigerator doesn’t work or because it won’t match with the new style of the kitchen remodel. You can save a lot of money on a refrigerator if you buy one used at a garage sale. If you buy […]

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